• Resolving IP addresses masked by Cloudflare.

    Cloudflare(CF) protected websites add a difficult hurdle to the stage of reconnaissance, espcially when resolving the masked IP address is concerned. This guide contains methods for finding IP addresses of websites masked by CF. #1 - subdomain enumeration The target website may have subdomains that are not configured to the...

  • Modern Google Dorks

    A modern collection of Google Dorks that are based on the filter allinurl: For example: allinurl:content.php?id= about.php?cartID= accinfo.php?cartId= acclogin.php?cartID= add.php?bookid= add_cart.php?num= addcart.php? addItem.php add-to-cart.php?ID= addtomylist.php?ProdId= adminEditProductFields.php?intProdID= advSearch_h.php?idCategory= affiliate.php?ID= affiliate-agreement.cfm?storeid= affiliates.php?id= ancillary.php?ID= archive.php?id= phpx?PageID basket.php?id= Book.php?bookID= book_list.php?bookid= book_view.php?bookid= BookDetails.php?ID= browse.php?catid= browse_item_details.php Browse_Item_Details.php?Store_Id= buy.php? buy.php?bookid= bycategory.php?id= cardinfo.php?card= cart.php?action= cart.php?cart_id= cart.php?id= cart_additem.php?id= cart_validate.php?id=...

  • IPs exposing SNMP

    All 40 of the IPs in this list are Cisco routers located in Indonesia that are open on port 161 while running Lawful Inception and expose SNMP.